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'MBL Trading Ltd - THE FACTS' is a Website to inform MBL shareholders for the purpose of giving you a voice to take an active step towards creating lasting and compounding shareholder value.

The Website provides publicly available information in relation to MBL. Specifically, highlighting the historic and current financial performance and financial position of MBL.

The Website provides MBL shareholders an ability to register for shareholder updates on your investment in MBL Trading Ltd.

Please email us to register your support for MBL Trading Ltd.



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About menninger capital

We are driven by our passion to be a partner of world class businesses.

We advise the largest shareholder of MBL Trading Ltd, who is the ONLY significant buyer of MBL shares providing liquidity.

Our approach aligns interests, creates trust and is repeatable.

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08 9288 4462



Mutual Support:

  • We will remain buyers of MBL shares to support shareholders who wish to exit their investment. If you no longer wish to hold you investment in MBL Trading Ltd please contact us.

Alternatively, for those who wish to remain invested in MBL

  • We seek your support by 1) considering Our Plans for MBL and 2) voting with us to elect a Board that will deliver a focused plan to make MBL more valuable and increase dividends for all shareholders.

Both of these options provides for the protection of our joint investment into MBL.

Our Plans:

  1. Remain long-term patient & supportive MBL shareholders.
  2. Maintain a significant influence over the strategic direction of MBL.
  3. Support a management team to execute a focused strategy that will benefit all shareholders.
  4. Recommend an independent Board with experience in; food services, accounting, legal, marketing, wholesale distribution, logistics and corporate finance.
  5. Growing MBL into a world class vertically integrated food services business.

About Menninger Capital:

Our objective is to partner with the companies in which we invest by providing long-term patient capital.  

We are driven by our passion to be a partner of world class businesses. As a partner, we act in a constructive manner to support management teams and boards in creating long lasting shareholder value. 

For our private company investments, like MBL, we typically join the existing board and have an active level of engagement with the business and management team. We support our private companies in a variety of ways and adapt the nature of our support to the specific needs of each business.